Machina Challenge

A worldwide competition, with cash awards, to use machine learning and quant methods to identify broad market trends ...

About Machina

Machina (“MAW-kee-nah”, Latin for “machine”) is a company in the San Francisco Bay Area that has been in stealth mode for several years. Early on, we recognized the opportunity for an entirely new approach to quantitative analysis of financial data (aka quant) through a fully integrated platform using machine learning, traditional quant methods, scalable cloud computing, and high quality financial data. The result is the Machina platform.

The Machina team includes:

John Kelly, CEO. John has led R&D and development and strategy teams at software companies such as Neustar, Symantec, and Veritas. John, who holds several software patents, earned his MA in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America, and began his career as a professor of Philosophy.

Mark Nelson, CTO. Mark wrote the first natural-language based search engine for medical information. Ovid was the core technology of Ovid Technologies, the company he founded and later sold for $200 million. Before co-founding Machina, Mark created Alpheios, software to facilitate the learning of Ancient Greek, Latin, Arabic and other classical languages. Mark holds a BA and MA in English Literature from Columbia.

Mike Gursky, Chief Architect. Mike worked at IBM Research until joining Mark as CTO of Ovid. After leaving Ovid and before joining Machina, Mike joined Mark as Chief Architect on the Alpheios Project, and also served as a principal consultant at MarkLogic Corp. Mike earned a degree in Mathematics from Yale, and studied in the UC Berkeley PhD program in Computer Science.

Michael Melnick, Data Scientist Michael is a PhD candidate whose research focuses on using converging methods in fMRI psychophysics neurostimulation and computational methods to better understand how the brain processes vision. Michael holds a Master's degree in Brain & Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester.

Doug Cutting, Advisor. Doug is one of the most well-known and accomplished leaders in the software industry. Doug is the creator of Hadoop, the software that ushered in the era of Big Data, as well as Nutch and Lucene. Doug is also the former Chair of the Apache Software Foundation.

Rishi Narang, Advisor. Rishi is the Founding Principal of T2AM, and author of one of the most widely-read books on quant, “Inside the Black Box: A Simple Guide to Quantitative and High-Frequency Trading”. Rishi was co-founder of the quantitative hedge fund TradeWorx.